Lewisham cinemas if they still existed today

Following the publications of the map of old cinemas in Lewisham and the story of former cinema manager John Scott, here are some photomontages of former cinemas in Lewisham. With thanks to the Lewisham Local History & Archive Centre and dusashenka.

The Obelisk, 12 Loampit Vale. Opened in 1912, closed in 1923.

The Gaumont Palace, 1-5 Loampit Vale. Opened in 1932, later renamed Odeon, closed in 1981 and demolished in 1991.

The Prince of Wales Cinema, 210 Lewisham High Road. Opened in 1922, closed in 1959 and later demolished.

The King’s Hall, 15 High Street. Opened in 1912, bomb-damaged during the second world war.

The Rex Cinema, later renamed Studios 6/7, 15 Lewisham High Street. Opened in 1950, closed in 1986 and demolished in 1988.


7 thoughts on “Lewisham cinemas if they still existed today

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  3. We will post more photomontages in the coming days, covering Lee, Catford, Downham, Sydenham, and Deptford of course!

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