Lewisham’s last cinemas standing

Our earlier post about lost cinemas in Lewisham attracted a lot of interest and comments. Here are photographs of existing buildings that all used to be cinemas at some point.

Crofton Park

The Picture Palace, 346-350 Brockley Road: it opened in 1913, was later renamed the Crofton Park Picture Palace, the Crofton Park Cinema and finally the Rivoli Cinema. It had a capacity of 700 and closed in 1957. It has become the renowned Rivoli Ballroom.



The Electric Palace, 197-199 Deptford High Street: it opened in 1914 and had a capacity of 418. It closed in 1942, was later converted into a bingo hall and, since 1989, has been a snooker club. It now houses the Shades snooker hall.

The Palace Theatre, 20A Tanners Hill: it opened in 1909 and had a capacity of 450. It closed in 1915. It is now home to a music shop and recording studio.

New Cross

The New Cross Super Kinema, 323 New Cross Road: it opened in 1925, later became the New Cross Kinema, the Kinema and finally the Gaumont. It had a capacity of ca. 2,000. Its auditorium has been demolished but the frontage still exists. The site is now home to The Venue night club.

The Electric Empire, 182 New Cross Road: it opened in 1909 and had a capacity of 310. It closed in 1917. The frontage remains and the site is currently occupied by a solicitors’ firm.


Central Hall Picture House, 1 Bromley Road: opened in 1913, it was later renamed the Plaza Cinema, the ABC and finally Cannon. It closed in 2001. It had a capacity of 1,046. The building is now used by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

Forest Hill

The Capitol Cinema, 11-21 London Road: it opened in 1932. It later became the ABC and had a capacity of 1687. The cinema closed in 1973, was turned into a bingo hall and is currently the Capitol Weatherspoon pub.

The Picture Playhouse, 18 Dartmouth Road: it opened in 1910 and was later known as the Empire Picture Theatre. It seated 400 and closed in 1914. The site is currently occupied by a takeaway.

Hither Green


The Globe Theatre, Staplehurst Road: currently a Drain Centre store, it opened in 1913 and had a capacity of 700. It was later renamed the Playhouse Cinema. It closed in 1915. “It was for sale within a year and closed a year later. Became a biscuit factory, soda works, and engineering.” (Source: Edith’s Streets)

The Park Cinema, 232 Hither Green Lane: it opened in 1913 and seater 500. It closed in 1957. Recently, our colleagues from the Hither Green Community Hall and Arts Society unsuccesfully tried to purchase the building and restore it to its former glory. Bought by a developer, the site will be turned into a carpet shop.


2 thoughts on “Lewisham’s last cinemas standing

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  2. ther are many memeries looking back I livid in new cross in the 50s great cinemas the kinema &deptford odeon &lewisham gaumont &rex at lewisham &eros at catford happy memeries went to school at woodlands open air school shroffold road downham near grove park

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