You wait ages for a cinema in Lewisham…

p1060568-web (1)

The frontage of the former Gaumont in New Cross, a stone’s throw away from the new Curzon Goldsmiths cinema

then two come along…

Goldsmith College and Curzon Cinemas have joined forces to open Curzon Goldsmiths, a campus cinema in New Cross at the end of January 2016. The new venue will be located a stone’s throw away from what used to be the Gaumont, which had a capacity of 2,000, now housing The Venue. The Curzon chain promises a “diverse, high-quality independent film programming”. Tickets will range from £6 to £12.

Down the road, the Deptford Cinema is now an intimate up and running community cinema offering an arthouse programme. Tickets cost up to £5.

This is great news and it shows that, despite or because of technological changes, the pendulum has swung back. We can no longer call Lewisham “London’s last borough without a cinema.”


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