New screen announced in Lewisham: The Thinking Cinema


Following our earlier post, The Thinking Cinema will launch in Lewisham on next week:

The Thinking Cinema is a philosophical cinema specialising in showing intelligent and thought-provoking documentaries, art films, and fiction films from around the world. The cinema aims to help us understand how we exist in relation to one another. It will also exist as a space for thinking to take place, for conversations and talks, seminars and lectures.

It is a cinema that will listen to the voices and opinions of this community. It will invite the new arrivals to this area, as well as those who have lived here all their lives, to suggest films that reflect their histories and culture. The cinema also plans to show kids films, family films, and films for young people.

The cinema will launch at 6pm Thursday 15 December with a free screening of Gun Nation by Zed Nelson (30min, 2016), introduced by the director. Gun Nation explores the paradox of why America’s most potent symbol of freedom is also one of its greatest killers. We especially invite local filmmakers and film lovers who might be interested in being involved in the running of the space.

Housed in the Good Hope café (run by the charity For Jimmy) at PLACE/Ladywell on Lewisham High Street, the new non-profit volunteer-run community cinema has 30 seats, a surround sound system, and a 4-metre wide screen. The cinema is supported by For Jimmy, which is dedicated to the welfare of young people in the area, set up after the murder of Jimmy Mizen in 2008. The cinema is also supported by the social enterprise organization Meanwhile Space, and part-funded by Lewisham Council.


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