Cinema operators wanted

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Ladywell Leisure Centre, February 2014 (photo: G. Murbach)

This year, a temporary development will occupy the site of the former Ladywell Leisure Centre. Anne Wilding of Meanwhile Space CIC, the organisation managing the project, writes:

Ever thought of running your own cine club? Looking for a new space?

From May this year, PLACE/Ladywell will be a temporary housing and community space in Lewisham. The upper floors will house 24 homeless Lewisham families, and the ground floor, managed by Meanwhile Space CIC, will offer a combination of affordable retail, creative and business space, cafe, and screening space.

Meanwhile Space are interested in talking to potential tenant operators of the screening/cinema space (approx 450 sq ft) with a view to collaboration, or a tenancy. During the public consultation, there was high demand for a cinema and there is little on offer in the area. You can read more about the opportunity here or visit the PLACE/Ladywell project page at for information about the other spaces.

Rents will be approximately 2/3 market rate for the area and tenancies 12 months with an option to extend. For more information email


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